6 03 2009



go n back from werk…

6 03 2009


goin to PAPAR…

6 03 2009


dpn resort...

dpn resort...


10 02 2009


aku dh abes entourage…


Goth / gothic / emo

9 02 2009

today, the whole day aku research pasal culture seperti yang tertera tajuk di di ats neh..

what is goth?

Uh….. beats me.

Just wear some black and act like a

melancholy jackass.

That shoud do it.

The end.

jenis2 nya menurut apa yang dikarangkan dalam sebuah karya voltaire


9 02 2009

Smlm research pasal author yg terhebat J.R.R Tolkien. Pencipta Lord Of The Ring n sambungan seleksinya..hehehe smlm bru bli buku >

The Silmarillion

The Silmarillion

tolkien profile =


My damn fave books. Got to have all the collection if i could… huhuhu

Yg dh baca here some of it…

a glimpse…

7 02 2009
kota belud

kota belud

Kota Belud, “the Land of the Cowboys of the East”, has successfully organized the Tamu Besar from Sep 24 to 25, 2005. Tamu is the local language for “open market”. Tamu Besar means “Big Open Market”. It is a place where all farmers, fishermen, and vendors gathers weekly to sell their products. You can find all sort of products for sale here, food, drink, vegetables, fruits, clothing, seafoods, handicraft and many other daily-use items, so it is more like a supermarket of the village people. Kota Belud Tamu Ground is the biggest Tamu in Sabah and is open on every Sunday morning.

aku: a week at kota belud after selesai menunaikan t/jawab as a trainer.. 4 days settle.. 4 days off.. nda sabar mau tgu ahad neh= Tamu Besar Kota Belud. > a four day job…